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[SND]01. Witchcraft in the Church.mp32021-11-03 15:20 11244k
[SND]02. 120 prayers to Crush Witchcraft.mp32021-11-03 15:20 16500k
[SND]03. Overcoming Foundational Witchcraft.mp32021-11-03 15:20 17868k
[SND]04. Ministry and Witchcraft.mp32021-11-03 15:20 28320k
[SND]05. Crushing the Rage of Witchcraft.mp32021-11-03 15:20 15696k
[SND]06. The Problem of Modern Witchcraft - Part 1.mp32021-11-03 15:20 13532k
[SND]07. The Problem of Modern Witchcraft - Part 2.mp32021-11-03 15:20 10972k
[SND]08. Crushing Polygamous Witchcraft.mp32021-11-03 15:20 16480k
[SND]09. Crushing Strange Witchcraft Operations.mp32021-11-03 15:20 11672k
[SND]10. The Black Man and His Witchcraft.mp32021-11-03 15:20 17012k
[SND]11. Dealing with Public Enemy Number One.mp32021-11-03 15:20 13760k
[SND]12. The Bewitched Destiny.mp32021-11-03 15:20 11412k
[SND]13. Power Against Witchcraft Sponsored Infirmities.mp32021-11-03 15:20 15180k
[SND]14. Liberating the Coven Prisoners.mp32021-11-03 15:20 17736k
[SND]15. Overpowering The Mystery Of Covens.mp32021-11-03 15:20 15368k
[SND]16. Unconscious Witches.mp32021-11-03 15:20 11800k
[SND]17. 2 Hours Witchcraft Destroying Prayers.mp32021-11-03 15:20 29276k
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