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[SND]01. WE031018 THE NIGHT COMETH.mp32021-10-20 22:32 8172k
[SND]02. SA061018 THE PROBLEMS OF THE STRANGERS IN OUR MIDST 1.mp32021-10-20 22:32 8768k
[SND]03. SU071018 PRAYING AGAINST DESTINY HELPERS FAMINE 4.mp32021-10-20 22:32 8352k
[SND]04. WE101018 WICKED POWERS, WICKED WEAPONS 2.mp32021-10-20 22:32 8744k
[SND]05. SU141018 THE TRAGIC WEAKNESS.mp32021-10-20 22:32 4828k
[SND]06. WE171018 WICKED POWERS, WICKED WEAPONS 3.mp32021-10-20 22:32 10560k
[SND]07. SU211018 WHEN GOD USES THE ENEMY.mp32021-10-20 22:32 5944k
[SND]08. WE241018 KILLING THE SERPENT OF FRUSTRATION.mp32021-10-20 22:32 13564k
[SND]09. SU281018 SELECTED FOR BLESSINGS.mp32021-10-20 22:32 14784k
[SND]10. WE311018 MAY YOU NOT BECOME THE HABITATION OF DEVILS 1.mp32021-10-20 22:32 15680k
[SND]11. SA031118 THE PROBLEMS OF THE STRANGERS IN OUR MIDST 2.mp32021-10-20 22:32 7988k
[SND]12. SU041118 CONNECTING TO THE GRINDING POWER OF GOD.mp32021-10-20 22:32 9020k
[SND]13. SU111118 MOVING FROM LABOUR TO FAVOUR PST LADEJOLA.mp32021-10-20 22:32 23560k
[SND]14. WE141118 TAKE YOUR MIRACLE.mp32021-10-20 22:32 13084k
[SND]15. SU181118 PROPHETIC SWORD AGAINST STRANGERS.mp32021-10-20 22:32 24204k
[SND]16. WE211118 NO MORE DELAY.mp32021-10-20 22:32 10456k
[SND]17. SU251118 SATAN, YOU ARE A LIAR.mp32021-10-20 22:32 16684k
[SND]18. WE281118 MAY YOU NOT BECOME THE HABITATION OF DEVILS 2.mp32021-10-20 22:32 8864k
[SND]19. SA011218 SPIRITUAL NUCLEAR PRAYERS.mp32021-10-20 22:32 11896k
[SND]20. SU021218 REARRANGED FOR REVIVAL.mp32021-10-20 22:32 11548k
[SND]21. WE051218 CONNECTING TO PENTECOSTAL POWER.mp32021-10-20 22:32 17600k
[SND]22. SU091218 KNOW THE SECRET AND ENJOY THE SOLUTION.mp32021-10-20 22:32 17620k
[SND]23. WE121218 WHEN YOUR NAME FIGHTS YOU.mp32021-10-20 22:32 16156k
[SND]24. SU161218 THE REBELLIOUS DWELL IN A DRY LAND.mp32021-10-20 22:32 17900k
[SND]25. WE191218 THE MYSTERY OF SPIRITUAL CAGES.mp32021-10-20 22:32 17092k
[SND]26. SU231218 BE SOBER BY G.O..mp32021-10-20 22:32 3680k
[SND]27. WE261218 THE ANATOMY OF DEEP DELIVERANCE 1.mp32021-10-20 22:32 17072k
[SND]28. SU301218 GET OUT OF EVIL CAVES.mp32021-10-20 22:32 13212k
[SND]29. MO311218 WHEN GOD'S PATIENCE EXPIRES.mp32021-10-20 22:32 14016k
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