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[SND]1. WE030118 THE WAY OF POWERLESSNESS.mp32021-10-20 21:13 6392k
[SND]10. WE310118 DEEP CALLETH UNTO DEEP.mp32021-10-20 21:13 9724k
[SND]11. SA030218 BREAKING THE DARK MARKET CAGES.mp32021-10-20 21:13 12280k
[SND]12. SU040218 THE FOOLISH COMPARISON.mp32021-10-20 21:13 12584k
[SND]13. WE070218 SPIRITUAL CONTAMINATION.mp32021-10-20 21:13 10724k
[SND]14. SU110218 WHEN YOUR BLOOD NEEDS DELIVERANCE.mp32021-10-20 21:13 13204k
[SND]15. WE140218 DIVINE IMMUNITY DURING SLEEP.mp32021-10-20 21:13 10288k
[SND]16. SU180218 THE SCHOOL OF GODLY PARENTING 2.mp32021-10-20 21:13 17828k
[SND]17. WE210218 WHY MUST YOU NOT SHINE.mp32021-10-20 21:13 9964k
[SND]18. SU250218 THE OIL THAT BREAKETH THE HEAD.mp32021-10-20 21:13 16140k
[SND]19. WE280218 VACANCY IN HIS SACRED PLACE.mp32021-10-20 21:13 11300k
[SND]2. SU070118 THE OCEAN OF LIFE 1.mp32021-10-20 21:13 11608k
[SND]20. SA030318 KILLING THE BUTCHERS OF THE DARK MARKET.mp32021-10-20 21:13 19024k
[SND]21. SU040318 WHEN YOU ARE NOT GROWING 1.mp32021-10-20 21:13 10736k
[SND]22. SU110318 WHEN YOU ARE NOT GROWING 2.mp32021-10-20 21:13 18240k
[SND]23. WE140318 THE SYMPTOMS OF CASUALTY IN SPIRITUAL WARFARE.mp32021-10-20 21:13 14456k
[SND]24. SU180318 THE MISSING PASSWORD.mp32021-10-20 21:13 25800k
[SND]25. WE210318 THE MYSTERY OF CLOSED HEAVENS.mp32021-10-20 21:13 15048k
[SND]26. SU250318 THE WAY OF VAIN DELIVERANCE.mp32021-10-20 21:13 16072k
[SND]27. WE280318 DISMANTLING SATANIC CAGES.mp32021-10-20 21:13 10068k
[SND]3. SA060118 MARKET OF DARKNESS 2.mp32021-10-20 21:13 12436k
[SND]4. WE100118 THIS YEAR, 2018.mp32021-10-20 21:13 12940k
[SND]5. SU140118 EAGLE HOURS.mp32021-10-20 21:13 11508k
[SND]6. WE170118 THE SCHOOL OF BAPTISM OF FIRE.mp32021-10-20 21:13 14504k
[SND]7. SU210118 THE PORTRAIT OF AN EXCELLENT MARRIAGE PST LADEJO.mp32021-10-20 21:14 22852k
[SND]8. WE240118 WHILE MEN SLEPT.mp32021-10-20 21:14 11744k
[SND]9. SU280118 THE OCEAN OF LIFE 2.mp32021-10-20 21:14 10932k
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