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[SND]27. WE271217 THE WAY OF THE REDUNDANT.mp32021-10-21 20:43 8060k
[SND]26. WE201217 CONNECTING TO THE PRESENCE OF GOD.mp32021-10-21 20:43 15544k
[SND]25. SU171217 THE SCHOOL OF GODLY PARENTING.mp32021-10-21 20:43 20396k
[SND]24. SU101217 POWER TO EXCEL IN LIFE AND DESTINY.mp32021-10-21 20:43 18520k
[SND]23. WE061217 THE SECRETS OF SPIRITUAL POWER 4.mp32021-10-21 20:43 9664k
[SND]22. SU031217 THE POWER OF PRIMITIVE FAITH.mp32021-10-21 20:43 17212k
[SND]21. SA021217 MARKET OF DARKNESS.mp32021-10-21 20:43 12932k
[SND]20. WE291117 THE SECRETS OF POWER 3.mp32021-10-21 20:43 6588k
[SND]19. SU261117 TODAY THIS SCRIPTURE SHALL BE FULFILLED IN YOUR.mp32021-10-21 20:43 16940k
[SND]18. WE221117 ENTER INTO YOUR ABUNDANCE.mp32021-10-21 20:43 11184k
[SND]17. SU191117 THE TRAVAIL OF UNSUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE.mp32021-10-21 20:43 20996k
[SND]16. WE151117 THE SECRETS OF POWER 2.mp32021-10-21 20:43 8060k
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