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[SND]01. FR010116 PROPHETIC LOOK FOR 2016.mp32021-11-10 20:48 12776k
[SND]02. SA020116 THE MYSTERY OF THE RODS.mp32021-11-11 08:49 14500k
[SND]03. SU030116 YOUR PROPHET AND YOUR DESTINY 1.mp32021-11-10 20:50 10020k
[SND]04. WE060116 CONNECTING THE GREAT PHYSICIAN 3.mp32021-11-10 20:54 11124k
[SND]05. SU100116 YOUR PROPHET AND YOUR DESTINY 2.mp32021-11-10 21:22 10408k
[SND]06. WE130116 GOD'S TROUBLEMAKERS.mp32021-11-11 08:50 11356k
[SND]07. SU170116 SYMPTOMS OF A SICK MARRIAGE (MARRIAGE SEMINAR 3.mp32021-11-11 08:50 27620k
[SND]08. SU240116 THE SCHOOL OF MOUTH MANAGEMENT.mp32021-11-11 08:50 14484k
[SND]10. WE030216 DECELERATING POWERS, DECELERATING DREAM.mp32021-11-11 08:51 11624k
[SND]11. SA060216 THE RAGE OF THE SILENCERS.mp32021-11-11 08:51 9648k
[SND]13. WE100216 CONNECTING TO THE LIFTER OF HEAD.mp32021-11-11 08:51 11044k
[SND]14. SU140216 THE SPIRIT OF THE MAN IS THE CANDLE OF THE LORD.mp32021-11-11 08:52 15084k
[SND]15. WE170216 THE WICKEDNESS OF SATANIC COUNTER ATTACK.mp32021-11-11 08:52 5372k
[SND]16. SU210216 WAR AGAINST MARRIAGE KILLER BY PST. LADEJOLA.mp32021-11-11 08:52 24452k
[SND]17. SU280216 SEE IT, SAY IT, HAVE IT AND KEEP IT 1.mp32021-11-11 08:52 12760k
[SND]18. WE020316 THE MYSTERY OF THE SNARE OF THE FOWLER.mp32021-11-11 08:52 10772k
[SND]19. SA050316 THE MYSTERY OF BAD MONEY 1.mp32021-11-11 08:53 18300k
[SND]20. SU060316 SEE IT, SAY IT, HAVE IT AND KEEP IT 2.mp32021-11-11 08:53 15272k
[SND]21. WE090316 CONNECTING TO THE RESURRECTION POWER.mp32021-11-11 08:53 9028k
[SND]22. SU130316 SEE IT, SAY IT, HAVE IT AND KEEP IT 3.mp32021-11-11 08:53 11020k
[SND]23. WE160316 BACK TO SENDER.mp32021-11-11 08:54 9720k
[SND]24. SU200316 INSIDE THE MARRIAGE ZOO.mp32021-11-11 08:54 30068k
[SND]26. SU270316 THE 100 LAWS OF THE SEED.mp32021-11-11 08:54 12416k
[SND]27. WE300316 PRAYERS TO MOUNT UP.mp32021-11-11 08:54 7116k
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